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Who we are?

The ASK Media family

ASK MEdia is a family-owned creative innovation firm that creates interactive solutions for businesses, non-profits and publishers.

Building on our experience in product research and development we focus on innovating and creating new ways to tell stories and present information.

We are sorry to disapoint you but we do NOT live by the motto "the client is always right." We believe that the user, your user, is the most important part of the team and the focus of our buisness.

Second Screen Experiences

Using our innovative syncing technology developed by our founder as a professor at UNC Chapel Hill, we create engaging, synced content and advertising experiences for media consumers with FilmSync.

Print, Web and Interactive Design

We develop user-centered mobile apps, interactive websites and data-driven applications for clients to better communicate and connect with their audience.

Explainer Videos

We stumbled upon product explainer or fundraising videos for campaigns as an accident working on various projects but got pretty good at them so we are happy to help create one for your audience.


Satisfied clients

We serve only a select few each year to provide trully innovative products


Cups of Coffee

We consume lots of coffee while we serve your users. *guestimate


Innovative Teachnologies

Number of new technologys we developed and deployed.


Rows of code

Great code is not measured in lines but interesting. *last 12 months

" Invention, it must be humbly admitted
does not consist in creating out of void, but out of chaos "

Mary Shelley

Only Talented People and Innovative Clients

Our team Is Our Family (Literally)

It takes different skills, talents and abilities to create great work. Some are detail-oriented. Some are not. Some are more free thinking, others are not. It takes all types!

" There is only one difference between a madman and me.
The madman thinks he is sane, I know I am mad "

Salvador Dali

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" Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
The important thing is not to stop questioning "

Albert Einstein

Where we Work

North Carolina Company Serving the U.S.

4201 Farrington Road

Durham, NC 27707